Preparing For Asylum

You have entered the United States and have now been informed you must appear before an immigration judge to determine if you will be allowed to stay.

What do you do now? Asylum Services, LLC is here to help you answer that question.

The day you entered the United States starts a countdown process.  Certain items must be presented within a one year time frame that will greatly effect your ability to successfully remain in the United States.  Many people simply do not understand the complicated United States Immigration system to know what they need to do.

With a limited amount of pro-bono attorneys available, many people attempt to go through the process without representation. This will greatly lower your chance of gaining asylum in the immigration court.  The court must be provided with your story and you must be able to document your story.


Prepare For Your Asylum Hearing

If you have been provided a Notice To Appear before an immigration judge, you need to prepare. If you entered the United States properly and now wish to apply for asylum, you need to prepare.

There are timelines that must be met. Your initial application is required to be filed within the first year after your entry into the United States or before your legal status expires. Knowing where to file and what to file are important.

You will need to prepare your declaration. This is the most critical item you will provide to the court or USCIS. Each item in your declaration must be supported by evidence to the greatest extent possible.

We help you provide the documents you need for the initial filing, the declaration, supprting documentation, employment authorization and other issues that may arise during the process.

I-589 Application For Asylum

Your defense to deportation for many will be a Request for Asylum.  This will require you to submit a Form I-589 with the immigration court.  While this may appear to be a fairly simple process, it is not.  There are many questions that must be answered and how you answer those questions will help to determine your chance of gaining asylum.

This form must be filed within one year from the date you entered the United States.  Failure to file this form within one year will make it difficult to gain asylum.

Your Declaration

The most important document you will have for the immigration court is your Declaration.  This is your story.  How you present your story is extremely important.  The immigration judge will hear your story and make a determination if the story is true.

To help the judge determine if your story is true, you will need to provide documentation that supports your story.  Getting this documentation and having it translated into English can be a very time consuming process.  You must provide as much proof of everything you say that you can.

I-765 Work Authorization

The I-765, Employment Authorization Document, provides permission for you to work in the United States while your asylum application is processed.  This applies to both USCIS cases and EOIR (court) cases.

The current rules require you to wait 365 days AFTER your asylum application is filed with either USCIS or EOIR.  The longer you wait to file your asylum application, the longer you will need to wait before you can work.


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